24 & 25 April 2021

Ride in the beauty of the foothills of the mighty Maluti mountains around one of SA’s most loved villages – Clarens.

Thaba eKholo

Ride in he unrivaled beauty of the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. This is the signature race category at the event, taking you further, higher and deeper into the mountains than any other category.

The route is filled with single trail and breath taking panoramic views from start to finish.

Day 1 - 60km, 1080m of ascent
Day 2 - 50km, 950m of ascent

Entry fee - solo R1155
Entry fee - team R2140

Thaba eNyenyane

This category serves as the perfect introduction to stage racing for eager mtb enthusiasts. Thaba eNyenane means small mountain and that is just what you will get out there, all the fun, just with smaller mountains between you and the finish line.

Day 1 - 43km, 760m of ascent
Day 2 - 40km, 630m of ascent

Entry fee - solo R790
Entry fee - team R1400

Single day race options

Come for the weekend, race the Saturday and then relax in the village with friends and family.

The single day routes will provide you with plenty of amazing experiences to talk about after the ride.

Choose from:-

60km Saturday @ R390
- or -
43km Saturday @ R290

Race stats

0 %
Single trail
0 m
Highest point
Private farms
Game farms / conservancies

About the race

The Medihelp Amohela MTB Classic delivers a weekend of adventure in one of SA’s most loved villages. The 2021 edition of the race happens over the long weekend of the 24th and 25th of April 2021. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the thrill of the race along with a relaxing long weekend with your friends or family.

The race takes you along well groomed single trails on private farms and nature reserves. This is the only time that you as a rider will be able to experience these places.

The altitude takes attitude…

We cater for all levels of riders through the various event options on offer to you. Simply choose the event that is best suited to your riding fitness level, but be warned… The village of Clarens is around 2100m altitude making it just that little bit hard for you, this fact also plays into those looking for altitude training.

Start times

07:00A – Batch Start Thaba eKholo, 10 minutes intervals between succeeding batches
08:00A Batch Start Thaba eNyenyane, 10 minute gaps between following batches
07:00A Batch Start Thaba e Kholo, succeeding batches will set off in 10 minute intervals
07:40A Batch Start Thaba eNyenyane, succeeding batches will set off in 10 minute intervals

Preview of stages

Day 1

This is the tougher of the 2 days as we take you east towards but not into Golden Gate National Park. This is the 1st and only race to ever take you out in this direction from the village. The rolling hills to the east are not to be taken lightly as we meander along the Little Caledon river from farm to farm.

The 1st 25km are blisteringly fast as it is majority downhill, with one or two kickers along the way. The action really starts at the 25km point at “thousand oak valley”, here the mountains start to swell around you as you will have to put your legs to work for the very 1st time.

Riders will be required to launch themselves up several punchy climbs and of course the the signature climb of each day, “No O2” and the “Mother-in-law”. These 2 beasts do reward you for your efforts with fast flowing single trails.

The top of “No 02” provides you with a panoramic view of the valley from Golden Gate to Clarens, from here you can almost map out your route home through “Cannibal Ridge” and “Clifton”. It is just a 15km effort before you will be able to relax back in the race village in the center of town.

There are 2 well stocked water points on day 2, here you will be able to enjoy the fine hospitality of the farmers, resorts and event partners.

Day 2

It is fast, it is furious and it is beautiful. Day 2 will catch those who cashed in too many chips on day one as we take you up “titanic” and out towards Bethlehem. Don’t worry though, it is a short punch to the top before we send you out on fast easy flowing district roads.

The average pace will be significantly faster than the day before as we head out towards the Ash river. This is a real treat as we meander you along the banks of the Ash river, here the mountains looming on the horison will grow bigger with each pedal stroke. It wont be long before you are in the thick of it at 30km in and dancing on the pedals up the 6km climb “No O2 too”. Be sure to look back as the view is incredible from the top.

Just over the top of the summit you will see the village of Clarens for the 1st time. You will actually look right down over the race village from a very high point. From the “Village view” you will have 11km of fast flowing single trail to navigate on your way down to the finish. The race is already won by this point, so just enjoy the drop off and the run in.

Our race village is something a little a different, it is literally the size of the entire village. We use the square as a hosting point for riders and supporters and essentially turn the square into a sports festival of sorts. Take advantage of our massage stations, bike mechanics, refresh yourself with a cold brew or G & T,  grab a snack or lunch from the food trucks or just kick back and relax to the live entertainment in the afternoons.
For accommodation inquiries please contact Mountain Odyssey.

We build our races for all levels of riders and we want you to come back, so the routes are not overly technical by any means. We test our routes on humans in our team with average human skill sets who would not like us if we made it too hard.

Each entrant to the race will receive the following:-
– Stay tuned to find out what the 2021 race pack will have in stall for you. Race packs are valued at over R400 per pack.

This is not our first rodeo and the people of the Eastern Freestate will be putting on a show with a well appointed water point at around every 30km on route for each race.

The village of Clarens boasts ample beautiful accommodation options throughout. Most of which are just a short pedal stroke away from the Start / Finish line on the village square. You will be able to kick back and relax in the guest house or B&B of your choosing, have a great nights rest in a comfy bed and enjoy morning racing the following day.
For the best accommodation options in town, we recommend you contact Mountain Odyssey
– e BIKES –
We do allow for e Bikes in this event, but please note that e bikes will not be permitted within the 1st 4 batches of the race and will not be legible for prize money.