Last updated 09 February 2021

Background :-
 We know you are hungry for events and we are hungry to bring them to you. In the interest of absolute transparency, we have decided to make our entire decision making procedure visible to the public. Events and event entrants have been widely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not one event organiser in South Africa has been able to trade at full capacity since March 2020, most have not even been able to trade at all and a fair share of our friends and family have shut down permanently. From the moment an event is launched and you enter the event, the service to you begins, the actual day / days of the event only account for around 30% of the fees of putting an event on.
The current regulations only allow for gathering of 100 pax or lower and an event must be issued a SASREA certificate from local SAPS. All SASREA applications or certificates are currently on hold.
Scenario planning :-
There are 3 scenarios we are planning around :-
Scenario A) 1st prize is that further easing of regulations is due, this has been indicated to us by CSA, TSA and ASA who are all planning events from March. In fact ASA has already received approval for the operation of track and field events. In the event of further easing, there is no reason we should not be able to go ahead. What weighs in favor of this? Vaccine rollout, recoveries rate is up, infection rate has remained down for 29 days and government wants to restore as much economic activity as possible. We already have Covid-19 protocols to manage starts and finishes safely. For a full breakdown on event postponements, please refer to the terms and conditions agreed to by all registrants when signing up by CLICKING HERE.

Scenario B) 2nd prize, the regulations don’t change and events do not open up for the foreseeable future. There is nothing stopping us from opening the trails and managing a rolling timed start. Yes, there is a procedure to this in place. There will at no point be a gathering of over 100 pax, the start and finish will not be in the same immediate area. This method is already in practice, we will treat it like a trail park except you will be timed, on a course, there will be water points and we will manage your safety. In short, this version will not be called an event, the entry will be considered a trail pass with all the benefits. The risk with this approach is even though it has been used successfully, it only takes one official to say NO.

Scenario C) Least favourable outcome and probably the least likely. We are pushed back to level 3A or worse and provincial borders are closed. In the event of this happening, we will have to postpone the event. What weighs in our favour here is that we have already shown that we can get through the peak of the second wave without shutting provincial borders down, so you can still travel.

The biggest concern for us is your safety and we will not compromise on that. Thank you for your understanding during these times, we are one of many events that have been affected by the Pandemic and in turn all athletes who have loyally supported all the events. We thank you kindly for all the support and understanding you have given.